Anonymous said: Thoughts on Perfume and Britney Jean?? xx

Britney Jean is a grower. When you consider that most of Britney’s songs are insanely catchy pop masterpieces that are hard to ignore, an album filled with songs that aren’t quite as instantly catchy, you can appreciate how much of a risk she took here. The album is, also, in my opinion, very personal not necessarily because of the lyrics but because of how each song is sung. There’s something about it that leaves you feeling at peace, calm, hopeful and appreciative. There’s a beautiful sense of sadness too, but a hopeful, reflective one. It leaves you feeling what I imagine Britney is feeling. There’s moments of sweetness, vulnerability, yearning, wistfulness, joy and excitement. The songs are what you take from them; I think they are brilliant because they are unmistakably, unapologetically and undeniably Britney. Every song was co-written by Britney herself, she invested a lot of effort and emotion into every track and even hand-selected which tracks she wanted on the album. It is not her best album, but it is one of her best. It’s sad to see so many reviewers (some who claim to be Britney fans) dismiss this album just because they didn’t receive what THEY wanted.

"Perfume" is a breath of fresh air. While Britney may never release a ballad quite as devastating and raw as "Everytime" again, this is certainly one of the best, most mature ballads she’s done since. I like the music video too, it has a definite feeling of melancholy to it and she looked very pretty.

I want to believe it’s just you and me.

"It’s definitely my edgiest and most mature sound yet. There are songs on this album that don’t sound like anything else and are completely revolutionary, but I also believe that this album expresses where I am today as a woman and is an evolution of who I am. I think Femme Fatale speaks for itself. I think it’s the best album I have ever made.